February 7, 2010

(i don't remember where i got this from)

saturday was most enjoyable.
i was up & at 'em early,
went to the mall,
purchased some stuff
(new romper for the trip, eee!)
met up with mikey, jess, bry, lianne & elliott,
got some food & beer(s) at the old stone,
went to a house party for a bit
(too much country music; ugh!)
went to the sapphire,
proceeded to drink more...
danced (a lot!) my legs are killing me today,
went to the only for 1 more drink
then home where mikey had made a delicious pizza for us,

today was lovely too.
i love my lazy sundays with my boy, they are truly my favourite;
today we slept in,
got sushi,
picked up sunscreen for the trip (on sale!),
went back to bed,
got donuts (mmm! mega craving),
watched survivorman,
called gramma,
annnd i think it's time for bed!