February 6, 2010


why do teenage boys 'hang out' at the mall and not even talk &/or look at each other? i ate lunch at the mall today when i was doing some shopping and was probably sitting there for a good 20 mins and not once did this group of boys say a word to each other...too cool for that.

why do people in cars stare at people who are sitting waiting for the bus...i get it, you're warm, in your car, i'm outside, in the cold; don't be a dick & stare me down...thanks. side note: it is not polite to stare.

is it not an unwritten rule that if you are walking towards someone & it looks as though you are about to walk into one another, you go to the right...if everyone goes to their right, then no one walks into each other; this goes for everything...walking on the sidewalk, walking in a mall, walking anywhere. i thought this was a common practice...guess not!

maybe i'm wrong (but i don't think i am as i worked in retail for 7 years) the first thing you are taught is to smile & greet someone when they are entering the store. maybe this kid was new (he was definitely super young) but he stood at the front of the store (boathouse, go figure!) with his arms crossed & he didn't even smile, let alone say hello. he was right in the doorway too, it was his job to greet people, that's all he was getting paid to do. i almost said something to the manager then i remembered that i was in boathouse and they probably actually train you NOT to speak to the customers...that's definitely what it feels like anyway when you're in there.

...then there's the body shop; complete opposite! i'm sorry but finding soap, a facial wash, maybe some makeup does not require the help of 4 sales people...and no, i don't want to spend $10 more just so i can get 1 point on my savings card.

haha, i sound super bitter but i'm actually in a great mood! those are just some things i noticed when i was out & about today!