February 13, 2010

i saw this on the rva blog & decided it was kind of fun...
5 things i am looking forward to:
♥ dominican republic (duh!) 1 week monday & getting to spend some really good quality time with mikey
♥ this weekend (♥ ♥ ♥)
♥ getting pampered at the spa next weekend
♥ antiquing on sunday!
♥ flying on a plane
5 things i did yesterday:
♥ went to work
♥ went for a tan (i don't want my skin to be in shock when i go to dominican as it hasn't seen the sun in like 6 months so i go a couple times a week)
♥ got a cute valentines package in the mail from julie
♥ ate a piece of pizza
♥ snuggled with my favourites
5 things i wish i could do:
♥ be showered and ready to go without actually having to take the time to shower (haha, that's a silly one...but so true, eh?)
♥ teleport
♥ go home to pickering more
♥ open my own shop (not etsy, but real life)
♥ grow my hair really long overnight
5 places i'd like to travel to:
♥ thailand (mikey & i want to go so bad!)
♥ europe (with my brother...who's an expert by now)
♥ prince edward island/out east
♥ san fran (so bad!)
♥ japan
5 cute things i've found online lately:
i will do a post later but who knew that you could order (in cdn $) from forever 21 online? not me...until about 3 days ago, danger!