February 12, 2010

this weekend i plan to...

paint my nails all pink & cute & like!
(clean up those shiny edges girl! this is obviously not me but the nails are super cute! i will post photos of mine later)

make a cute pipe cleaner heart garland...i love this idea...don't you kick yourself when you're like "that's so simple & easy, why didn't i think of that?"

drink hello kitty beer!
haha i don't remember where i found this
(i also don't think it's real but i totally wish it was)
imagine if it was pink??! pink beer; perfection!

make valentines day cupcakes

go see this movie

yes, it's going to be a very girly weekend!
we are also going antiquing sunday morning with mikeys mum & boyfriend
♥ happy hearts day everyone ♥
i hope everyone gets to spend time with their loved ones