March 17, 2010

(dominican post; finally! warning: photo heavy )

this is what we looked like for the most part...

my favourite night-time outfit. i love these can't really tell but they are higher waisted with buttons on the side and mens trouser style

singing karaoke with the guys who work there. we were singing r.kelly 'i believe i can fly' haha

look, i got a tan
no, this has never happened to me before...
yes i'm being serious.

sooo many freckles,
i even got a lip freckle while we were there...don't ask me why but i have always wanted one of these?! haha

in the boat on the way to paradise island

the sand was so white & the water so blue here!
this is where we went snorkelling,
it was my first time & soooo fun
i'm taking our underwater camera in later today to get developed

at the beach bar

my handsome guy,
this is my favourite photo of mikey, ever
mikey going to get us more drinks at the beach bar

we scammed into buying a coconut from this guy...he wanted $15 for it, haha...that was NOT happening. mikey liked the juice, i liked the actual coconut (even though it wasn't very coconuty tasting, still very delicious!)

drinking on the beach...

this was taken on our first day, still pale...

our room

first photo; we're here...finally!!

this was the only night we really went 'out' one of the discos, the coco bongo. i had drank a lot of wine at this point

on our way to the italian a la carte restaurant which was located on the beach

my favourite photo of me from the trip, only cause i loooove this dress! vintage from a store here in town, the back is really pretty too but i didn't get a shot of that (it's floor length too, by the way)

look, lines!! this is when i got cocky, went back outside and then proceeded to get burnt (which did turn into a tan though; yipee!!)

our chalet, the beach was right beside us

one of my night-time outfits. i love that top, which is actually a vintage skirt!

paradise island...and yes, it was

the 2 hour drive to paradise island

this is what we did most days

we went for a walk on the beach most nights

mornings were so humid! not complaining since apparently we got a huge snow storm the day after we left! haha suckers.

overall we had a really great time! i won't bore you with details...the photos show that we had a lovely time! the food wasn't anything special but the weather was great and we got to relax which was the most important thing...overall we thought it was a really great resort for a first time vacation!