March 18, 2010

mikey went to go pick up our underwater photos today from when we went snorkelling in dominican, they turned out okay...they're fun & i'm glad we got them but kind of expensive in the long run! here's a few:

snorkeling was so much fun though,
i would totally do it again!!
so, right now i am freaking out a little...
without going into too much detail (as i don't like sharing eeeverything on my blog as it is still public) i have a pretty big decision to make in regards to work & i'm feeling very uncertain right now...not the best feeling so hopefully i make my decision soon! to take my mind off things i am going to try my hand at making a skirt. i saw a cute DIY online & bought some fun fabric yesterday so i will let you know how it turns out! im kinda nervous, i've never made a piece of clothing before...that and i haven't used my sewing machine in awhile!