March 22, 2010

monday, monday, monday...
why aren't you as cool as friday?
it's raining outside,
i have kleenex stuffed up my nose cause it's dripping,
my throat is super raw,
annnd i feel myself getting sicker by the minute,

as long as this madness stops for friday,
that is when julie & richy are coming for visits & i cannot cannot cannot be sick for that!! also, costume party saturday night too for bryans 30th birthday; hip hip hooray! i looove costume parties (i know, who doesn't?)

so that whole work thing i mentioned but didn't, kind of resolved itself cause i waited to long to make a decision (i thought i had til this friday but apparently it was first come first serve) soooo no changes for me. that probably doesn't even make sense to most of you...basically, everything's the same ANYWAY!
i digress...