March 23, 2010

today is a sick day for miss carly,
working at a job where you literally talk on the phone for 8 hours straight does not leave much room for a scratchy raw i decided not to talk at all today and let it rest because it hurts so bad and i need to be better for the rest of the week. i hate getting sick, it seems to just snowball in a matter of 24 hours...and i got little to no sleep last night due to the fact that i couldn't breathe out of my nose or mouth...ugh!
at some point i will need to get out and get nighttime cold medicine as we're all out, throat lozengers and maybe some banana popsicles & chocolate popsicles (this is what my mum always brought me home when i was sick...and some gossipy mags)
side note: last night i felt so crappy i actually said "i want my mum" ...yes i'm 23 years old and sometimes when i get sick, i still wish i lived at home.