March 23, 2010

aside from drinking lots of water, green tea & taking cold meds, i have also found a little 'trick' to feeling better...pretending that you're not sick. if you loaf around and do nothing all day (sleeping is good but not the WHOLE day) chances are you're going to feel shittier BUT i've found that if you start doing stuff, cleaning, tidying and busying yourself with other stuff, you almost (almost) forget that you're feeling crappy. i have been tricking myself into thinking i'm not sick today...though i definitely still am,
i got a lot of cleaning done today and it's not even two yet!
i thought i would share a wicked new product that works wonders upon wonders! vacuums work too but if you need to get rid of cat/dog hair on futons, beds, chairs, etc...try this! it really does work :)

(no pledge is not paying me for this...though they should be)