March 24, 2010

i am missing my famjam

& the fun we have together

(these photos are from when we saw incubus this past summer)

i don't start work today until 11 which is lovely because i got to have a nice morning with a cup of tea before work which rarely happens. i had a great 1o+ hour sleep last night and am feeling a little better today (at least i can breathe out my nose) thankyou for all the get better wishes sent my way, i think it worked! at this rate i will be 100% by saturday
edit // i only lasted at work til 1.30...unfortunately working somewhere that requires a voice for the entirety of the day, is not good for someone getting over a cold. i'm at the stage where i sound a lot worse then i feel. my throat is REALLY raw and scratchy & was getting worse and worse after every call...blah.
however! good news (& kind of weird since i posted this entry about going to concerts with my family earlier today) dad emailed me and we're all going to see 'them crooked vultures' in may which should be lots of fun!! i love outings like this!