April 5, 2010

( sunday )

my sunday was spent lounging in a hammock with my boy,

drinking stellas & catching some rays,

relaxing together,

paddling in a super pretty old wooden boat,

mikeys mums boyfriend terry has a lot of vintage collections; cars, bike, motorbikes, cameras, radios...i love hanging out here! he owns an old marina/has an apartment built into it, it's incredible.

a little dusty cause he also does woodworking in here but how awesome is this car?

i fell in love with this old bike, it's so beautiful...

(the beige one on the right)

this is a photo of the marina...amazing eh?

it was definitely a super lovely & relaxing day. we got all 6 loads of our laundry done, we had hamburgers for lunch and roast beef for dinner (mikeys mum is an awesome cook) it was just a really really nice day, with not a care in the world!
then i come back to work today only to find out that they have me schedule for monday-saturday this week annnnd i haven't worked weekends in probably like 8 or so months...of course this weekend i had plans to go home, spend some time with friends & my family friday night/saturday during the day and then saturday night mikey was coming up (he works saturday) and we were going to grammas for dinner...soooo, now it looks like i will be going up the saturday night when mikey does. i was really looking forward to it as i haven't been home in a few months. not impressed.