April 5, 2010

fashion fail, LOL!

okay so tonight i have been doing some altering, cutting & hemming...i had a dress that needed to be shortened, ripped jeans that the hole in the knee was just too big that were calling to be shorts & mikey had some old pants that he wanted for capri/shorts as well, so i got to it...and after i had cut my shorts, i remembered how much i loved the fit of the bottoms of these jeans & when you cut off that much fabric you always think "what can i do with this??"
then (& this wasn't a serious thought) but i wondered why no one had done this before...

i know it looks pretty silly with the denim on denim...but i was thinking, they kind of acted like knee high socks which are pretty big right now, right?

so i tried them with some black shorts to see...

i know they look kinda funny but don't you think someone could pull off this look? maybe not me. of course i was thinking someone asian cause for some reason they just seem to be able to pull off anything...

then i took one with the flash...and officially realized i was crazy! they are not leg warmers, they are not knee high socks, they are the bottoms of pants i cut off to make shorts...and therefore they do not work as any of the above mentioned things.

maybe pushed down a little so they are more like leg warmers?
ahahaha. i know, i know...give it up, lol.
well, i just thought i would share my crazy fashion 'idea'/FAIL with everyone and hey, if you see someone doing this...you know who started it!!