April 7, 2010


are you ready for your mind to be blown...
no? well then i'm sorry but you gotta go

what is even going on here? i have no idea but it's GREAT!

holy crap, i KNOW!!

these would totally motivate me to workout!

these are in my top 3 for sure
(it's REALLY hard to pick a top 3)

these are also in my top 3...

& so are these!! man, i want these SO bad

so cute & such a good colour

these are strange, but awesome

oh wait, can i make it top 4?
i forgot about these beauties...

i don't necessarily love these ones,
i just thought the heel was really neat!

so! wasn't that amaaaazing?
& those were just my favourites...head over to the website:

also have uh-mazing purses...but you'll have to go to the site to check those out!