May 11, 2010

everything that's shining, always gonna be gold...

saturday night we all went to dahn&jesses loft party, it's about double the size of the photo...perfect for lofty dancey parties! they are always so much fun, live bands & djs included and such a wicked, huge space ♥

meg&i are divas.

so most people who know me, know that i am OBSESSED with the song 'electric feel' by came out a long time ago but i was loving it wayyyy after everyone else had already gotten 'over it' haha anyway, all my friends are always wondering when i will get a 'new electric feel' and i think i've definitely found it!! "the pursuit of happiness" by kid cudi; not the original though, the remix by steve aoki...SO GOOD! if you like hot beats & dancing...have a listen ♥

oh & i might have a teensy crush on kid cudi. though i'm not gonna lie, his songs are much better after someone takes it & remixes example: day n' night remixed by crookers!

mikey & i scored some old computer speakers from his mums place, this makes us both super happy!! louder music, wooo. sorry neighbours!

me in cartoon form, by my friend pat ♥ love it! he does these cute little characters of all of his friends...he has done hundreds of them, i think they're so cute!

[this blog post had no rhyme or happens sometimes]