May 13, 2010

(i've actually been really good at not wasting $$ lately though)

i didn't have internet for a few days there...i had a little virus on my computer but mikeys brother is a computer nerd i mean genius and he fixed it all up!! much appreciated ♥ we all know how i love my internets.

so this week has gone by pretty fast which i'm happy about,
tomorrow mikey&i are heading to pickering for the weekend to stay at my parents house
(you don't know how many times i write 'my house' when writing about it and then have to erase it, realizing it's not mine anymore) we are going to see them crooked vultures saturday with kyle, mum, dad, me, mikey & some of my parents friends...i am really looking forward to it as i love love love famjam concerts! (pretty sure i've explained my love for them on here before) it's always just such a fun, relaxed, drunken time haha! sunday i am looking forward to doing laundry (yup, looking forward to it!!) and relaxing in the backyard...the weather is supposed to be nice & sunny :)