May 4, 2010

( six random facts )

* i was born on a friday the 13th
(every friday the 13th, no matter what month, my grandpa used to call me & sing 'happy birthday' to me) they are my lucky days!
* i have my nape pierced [that's the back of my neck]
& love body modification (not super crazy ones like implants under the skin) but piercings and tattoos and the like, fascinate me
* if i could have a super power it would be being able to breathe under the water, not only because i want to be a mermaid but because under the sea/water/lake seems like a magical place...second would be flying!
* i love washing my hands & brushing my teeth,
i can feel a million times better by just doing those 1 or both of those things
* i wish everyone could live/do their dream job & i wish i could just find out what mine is so i might have a chance...
* i really and truly wish cellphones didn't exist
as much as i love mine, i miss the days where i use to talk for hours on end to friends/family on the phone instead of sending them an email or a text msg