May 24, 2010

mother, father, brother...anyone who does not like 'wacky' piercings (aka: anything other than your ears) you will not like this...buuuut i don't care since it's my body, not yours

i never got around to posting photos about this, but i got this about a month ago. for those interested it's a skin diver (yes it's removable) and i absolutely love it! i have my nape pierced as well and wish these had of been around when i got that (about 3-4 years ago) as they are so much more snug to the skin...however my nape is doing great considering it's a surface piercing and they usually reject so no complaints.
pps: it's a little teeny diamond...but you can't tell from photos!

this weekend we went to mikeys mums place on saturday as it was her birthday. we had japanese food, sat by the lake and went for a sailboat ride (my very first!) today was a holiday (the queens birthday) so everybody was off and we all went down to TAS island and enjoyed the sun...relaxed, drank beer, went in the water, played radminton and bocce ball, ate food and enjoyed the day (more photos of that to come, they were/are on mikeys camera...he's still there)

roberta & terry's marina......i know, i want to live there too.

this week is a 3 day work week for me and then a 3 day weekend...wahoo!! that's what i get for working 6 days last weekend (+ the saturday, which i never ever work) awesome! so stoked...