May 27, 2010

(more photos from last weekend)

my oh my!
it has been a busy week...i didn't really get up to much but i worked mostly 10-7 shifts which interrupt pretty much the entirety of ones day. i went for a great bike ride one night after work with lianne, about two was lovely & last night mikey & i watched 'the attack of the 50 foot woman' (haha, did people in the 50s actually find these movies scary??)

since i got screwed over last weekend (which was a long weekend for most people) by having to work the saturday, i get tomorrow off and therefore have a long weekend THIS weekend...meaning i have 3 days off starting now!! eeee :) i love having more than a few days off, it means i can get things done & i have lots to do, i plan on:
* going to the library
* going for as many bike rides as possible
* cleaning the loft (it needs a really good clean!)
* going thrifting
* making a dress (it's been too long since i've made something)
* enjoying the freakishly warm weather
* thinking of what i want for my birthday (hehe)
* spending time with friends
* getting laundry done
...lets hope i have time for everything!!

ps: it is REALLY great having air conditioning...last year (in our old place) we melted...this year we are cool as cucumbers & couldn't be happier about it :)