May 28, 2010

woke up at 10am this morning feeling refreshed,
mikey doesn't work until 3 today so we cleaned the whole loft which was nice...done before 11.30am, made eggs&toast&tea (hello kitty style) for breakfast and am feeling really good! i love waking up early and not wasting my day sleeping in (not that it seems like i could anymore anyway, even if i tried. another sign of growing up...)

do you recognize the shape of those eggs? hehe. ordered it for $4 from japan & it did not feel like a guilty hello kitty purchase as i actually really wanted/needed a small pan to make eggs (when you do them in a bigger pan the centers always break and i like dip in eggs)

hahaha, this little lady has no manners...this is her favourite position, her legs spread wide rude! lol.