June 18, 2010

last night i went out with these two amazing girls.
even though i was broke as a joke (pay day was today!) they were kind enough to show me a good time. so we picked up a case of beer, drank it and proceeded to danced the night away...and then be hungover allllllll day at work today; worth it.

i've come to realize something, some of the best nights i have aren't photographed and sometimes it makes you sad cause you want to have proof of how much fun you had, but then you realize you were obviously having too good of a time to remember to take photos and those memories are better than photos.
wow, that got cheesy fast, haha...but it's true!

this weekend i am heading home for three days for some much needed down time. i am looking forward to hanging with my family, relaxing, chris & danielles wedding (& kyles speech; he's the best man), picking up gramma from the airport, megs & sara hangouts, doctor/dentist appointment (yes, actually looking forward to this. also, i love having my teeth cleaned) catching up on my journal pages (i'm a few days behind) and just having some time away.

i hope everyone has lovely weekends
remember to take some time for yourself ;)

& to my new readers, hello!
leave me a comment...show yourselves, haha