June 25, 2010

last night we went to go & see
mini mansions
(who remind me of the beatles a little)
& money money here in town
(click for myspace links...you won't regret it!)

the show was so so good!
& definitely a great last night for our friend sarah who is heading back home to the other side of the world :(

( haha..we're doing 'the meg' pose)

don't leave us sarah!!

hehe. the little guy i got for sarah. we named him chubby cheeks charlie (which sounds so much cuter when she says it with her accent)

it was an awesome show; i hadn't been to one in awhile!
earlier today we had a goodbye lunch with everyone (& sarah) as she heads off for the airport soon. it's going to be strange without her around, she's a wonderful wonderful friend!

lots of stuff to do today:
bike ride or run
finish a notebook for a friend
work on my resume
go to the library
call my gramma

laying low for the rest of the weekend as it's been a very busy week! sunday and monday we are going to megs cottage so that'll be nice, i'm looking forward to it. i hope the weather is sunshiney!