July 25, 2010

i know i promised a giveaway this weekend but it will just have to wait until tomorrow. i am much too sleepy/non-productive today (that's somewhat of a lie...i have skirts to make) to post about the giveaway. plus i have a few more things i need to think of before making the final announcement...

however, tomorrow it will be announced.
i promise!
i'll be going to the cottage from tuesday morning until thursday night so i absolutely must do it by tomorrow...& you will have all week to sign up!

that photo's from last night.
i haven'
t seen one in so long and it went all the way across too...so magical!

i just bought this on ebay for under $10 which i am excited to start effective august 1st. it's something i need to do, to motivate myself & get myself moving. i'm not really looking to do it to 'lose up to 20 lbs in 30 days' (ew i would look sickly) i just want to do it to get into a good exercise routine again & tone up! i know that jamie of inspired mess was doing a challenge but i didn't have the dvd in time...hopefully it's here for august 1st! i'm excited to start!

well, time for those skirts...they aren't going to make themselves!
ps: still taking orders, feel free to email me at dear.love@live.ca