July 25, 2010

today, july 25th...
is 2 VERY special peoples birthdays,

my big brother kyle turns 27 today
growing up he was my big brother, my best friend & also my second dad.
with 3 years between us, the relationship as brother/sister could have gone either way...however, we have never once gotten into a serious fight that lasted more then 2 minutes, we didn't even bicker much as kids like most siblings do. we have always (okay, mostly) gotten along famously & i am so thankful that we have the relationship that we do! he is an amazing person who is constantly looking out for my best interest and is always giving me great advice (whether i want it or not) i know that he would drop everything for me in a heartbeat, no matter what or where i was! i appreciate SO much everything that he has ever done for me & i know that we will always be as close as we are today!


my best friend aly who turns 23 today
we met four years ago in our first year university. i was SO incredibly thankful that i got "stuck" with the best roomate EVER. i say stuck because if i hadn't of liked her that year would have been hell as we shared a room the size of a walk-in closet. we lived together (& shared eeeeverything!) for two years and those were honestly some of the best of my life. she was a roomate who turned into my bestest friend. i am so so thankful that she came into my life and understands me the way that she does. some of my most amazing memories have her in it and i can't even begin to describe all the fun that we have together. even though we're not always within a close distance to each other she always always makes an effort in keeping our friendship alive which i am so thankful for. she is moving to BC in september and that will definitely be hard but now i have one more reason to visit out west.
thankyou for being who you are aly, my best friend & my sister.

i love you both so very much,
happy birthday!!