August 15, 2010

didn't get very good photos from the backstreet boys concert even though we had amazing seats. front row center (a little bit above the first bit of seats) which meant we were overhead of them which was perfect...did that make sense? anyway, they were awesome seats!

totally didn't realize how excited i was to see them until they came on and then i started screaming like the 12 year old i am was great! they played for approximately 2 hours and played lots&lots of oldies which was awesome! i find it funny that they still do a lot of choreographed dancing and costume changes since they're definitely older than they once were however it added to the show for sure. howie looked super cute, as per usual (yes, howie is my favourite backstreet boy! someone has to like him...and that someone is me) they played lots of my favourite songs and it was really awesome seeing them play again (this was my 7th time seeing them) thanks for the tickets mum ♥

the rest of my weekend was great too! spent lots of time with sara & megs, had a sleepover, went for drinks and saw lots of friends, saw step up 3(which was WILD; loved it!) went out for a good dinner at the keg...oh ya & i got a new laptop

pretty right?
it's really awesome except for the webcam which is pretty crappy quality but what can you expect from a webcam right...point in case:

anyway, more tomorrow!
lots of blogging this week i'm sure as mikey is away for 4 days at a tradeshow for the shops...night night!!