August 16, 2010

today is important for two reasons:

today is this pretty girls birthday

you guys all know her as julie from little miss cupcake however i knew her before she was famous in blog world (lol but really...) it's been about 9 years that we have been close friends and she is as happy as she looks in all of her photos. she has an amazing life and that's because she's really good at making things happen & making dreams come true! since about 3 years ago, we haven't been living in the same city anymore however we always make an effort so that we don't fall out of touch with each other and we see each other whenever possible (when we can't though we're really good at snail mail & fun packages!)

julie is one of my greatest friends. she is the sweetest girl you will ever ever meet and i honestly mean that. when you see julie smile, it's honestly impossible not to smile back! i hope you enjoy your special day today jujubes, i love you so much!!!

& secondly, august 16th is important because;

mikey & i have been together for exactly 2.5 years

i won't get all mushy gushy on here about how much i love him and how great my life has been since he entered it as he knows all of that (& i'm pretty sure you guys realize that by now as well) but i honestly am one lucky gal. i have great friends, family & boy...