August 27, 2010

( eat pray love )

i went to go see this movie with my girlfriend meg yesterday & thoroughly enjoyed it. i have yet to read the book (meg let me borrow it yesterday so i am just starting) but normally after seeing the movie i am less intrigued to read the book however with this i am more so. maybe i will get lost in it today...i can't think of anything i'd rather be doing then enjoying a good book on a friday afternoon. tea too of course.

it was very inspiring...this movie made me want to pack my bags and go somewhere...anywhere. it also made me want a big ol' bowl of pasta (if you've seen it, you would know why) and of course julia roberts is incredible in it. she has always been one of my favourite actresses, i just think she's so gorgeous and has such a contagious smile.

here are some more beauties...

isabel lucas

jessica hart

& another one of my favourite actresses, drew barrymore (who always looks amazing! i want her hair...bad)