August 26, 2010

( go on, get happy )

hi hi hi!
i can't help but be in an extremely good mood. things just really feel like they are coming together for me lately. there was a few months back that i was completely miserable, in my job (which i never really shared) and of course when you're not happy in your job, that leads to stress is other areas of your life...and things just weren't going my way it seemed. anyway, since dealing with that and getting my life a little more sorted out and in order, i've had a smile on my face. it was great having time off this summer to actually enjoy the weather and my friends and have time to go home lots and go to the cottage and just doing things i wouldn't have gotten to do otherwise.

now i'm starting school in a couple of weeks, starting a new job in less than a month and mikey & i's relationship is wonderful. as i said, i couldn't be happier right now and i just felt like sharing a little as i think it's nice when people who don't usually blog about personal stuff, share. i think it's good to keep your personal life out of the blog world as it is the internet and sharing too much online has never really been my thing...but at the same time, i feel like we're all friends here (cheesy cheese, i know but it's true) and i just wanted you guys to know that i'm happy...and that i'm thankful for everything i've been blessed with. i truly have a great life and know that i am lucky in it. it feels good to be completely happy again.