August 23, 2010

( weekend fun )

this weekend was oh so lovely.
al & i had a wonderful day in toronto...the weather couldn't have been better, bright and sunny so we walked around, got lunch at a local pub, did some shopping (not much though...i only bought a top) and then went back to her place where i saw her parents whom i have missed as it's been a couple of years. al & i had a hot tub and a few glasses of wine and chatted and shared and loved. that sounds so cheesy i know but i just feel so comfortable when i'm with her, i can tell her everything (without judgement) and she just knows me. it is such a genuine feeling! i already can't wait to visit her in BC ♥
saturday i came home and had dinner with my parents, kyle & carrie before we went (back) into toronto for the show. 'rock of ages' was SO great! i honestly don't think that there is anyone out there who wouldn't like it. it was funny, entertaining, lively, a little raunchy and just overall, really great! it was sooo neat seeing a friend on stage, i was so proud of him!! he has a great duet in the show where he sings 'hit me with your best shot' in a sparkley leotard, haha!

(see that platinum blonde 'german' cutie? that's my cody code!)

mikey & i had a lovely sunday together. him & bryan were in toronto seeing sublime on saturday night so they actually picked me up from my place and we drove back to peterborough together. we spent our rainy sunday cuddling and eating food and watching movies and laying in bed together...perfect end to a great weekend!

anyway, lovely weekend! that was the last time going home for a bit now...i've been home 3 weekends in a row (& quite a few weekends throughout the summer) school will be starting soon and i'll be focusing on that and also working lots, hopefully! speaking of which, my 2nd (technically 3rd as i had a phone interview) is on wednesday and i'm excited this time, as opposed to nervous like last time! i want this soooo badly :D

oh & in other news, i won this super cute apple tea cozy in a giveaway from glow in the dark soul isn't it so cute? they will be availible on her etsy soon!