August 20, 2010


this is my beautiful best friend, today i get to see her! i'm meeting up with her in toronto & we're going to get lunch and go shopping & i can't wait! we even get to have a sleepover tonight which we haven't done in so long. al is moving to B.C soon so i'm excited that we get this time together ♥

tomorrow night i'm going to see the musical Rock of Ages which is playing in toronto...i'm super excited as my friend from high school cody is in it! he's the one on the far left in the blue suit. my mum went to see it already and said it was great that she's taking my brother, his gf and i to see it again (well, her 2nd time not ours) anyway, i love musicals. my gramma used to take me all the time when i was a kid, i've seen some really great broadway musicals but it's been awhile so i'm stoked! & it's that much cooler when you actually know someone in it!

hope everyone has a great weekend!!