September 14, 2010


so mikeys lovely sister (who lives in australia and has for over 10 years now) just had her 3rd baby...& guess what they named her?

frankie rose.

isn't that the absolute most adorable name you've ever heard? i like to think that sarah got the name from frankie magazine which is based out of aus and it's possible that she did. oh i am so in love with the name...too cute!! i just so happened to have to go to the mall after school to grab some more tea (from davids tea) so i stopped into joe fresh & picked up some ADORABLE items for her...

this won't fit her for awhile, i believe the sizing was for a 1 year old but i couldn't pass it up! the prices there are fantastic.

oh my goodness. i want this bikini for myself!
how cute will this look on her!!

& this little cupcake onesie!

we also have a baby shower to attend on sunday, well it's more of a meet&greet as she has already had the baby so we actually get to see the little guy & i'm super excited. he's so teeny & his name is lyndon (another super cute name!) i haven't held a baby in a long time & well, if you don't know by now i am a baby fanatic so i cannot wait!
here's what i got for the little man:

his first denim jacket & a cute little pair of shoes

i love love love how baby clothes these days are like big people clothes just made teenier. it makes it so much cuter!! again, these are for him when he's older. i like buying stuff like that as most new mummys get lots of onesies and blankets and stuff for newborns so i thought this would be a little different.