September 15, 2010

( yawn )

waking up at 7 or 8am everyday for school has definitely taken it's toll on me. i'm usually not too sleepy at school but by the time i get home i am beat. i try not to nap so my sleeping patterns aren't out of wack but sometimes it's so hard. i don't drink coffee, the tea i drink has very little caffeine in it & i try not to indulge in energy drinks so i'm my only source of energy and that can be tough sometimes. i get to sleep in tomorrow though as i finished all of my work in lab so i only have 1 hour of class tomorrow from 5-6 & it's math...
& just because i know you're all thinking "AW! i want to see more photos of andy electric" ...& even if you're not, here's a little timeline, cause i miss her as a babycat.

i know, cuuuuuuuutest! this melts my heart

she was soooo teensy weensy

one of my all-time favourites.

she lies in my arms like a baby sometimes when i'm reading, not so much anymore as she's a little chunkster now, but she used to.

haha. this one's hilarious! & yes she can be a horrible asshole at times

she looks embarassed here, "mooom, stop taking photos, you're embarassing me" cute expression on her wittle face (ya, i'm one of those people who baby talks her cat)

haha it looks like she's yelling at me but really she was just yawning,
we're sleepy. nap time!