September 16, 2010

i actually couldn't be happier that it is raining & yucky out today. i slept in until 1:30 today...ain't that something? i obviously needed it! the last time i did that i was about 18 i think! it's strange to think i was 18 six years doesn't seem that long! anyway, i have a bit of a cold or allergies or something...i'm guessing a cold. these changing seasons always get me. as much as i love fall, people always seem to get sick (me included) so far today i have made myself a yummy breakfast of eggs&toast, i'm enjoying multiple cups of tea & catching up on all my favourite blogs.
if you haven't already tried a matcha genmaicha organic tea (this one is from davids tea; of course!) i highly recommend it...if you enjoy green tea of course. it's the only kind i will drink now. i've become a tea snob since david's tea went into the mall here. i'm obsessed with it. i'm usually a grouch until i have my first cup! if you don't have one in your area, order online. it's so worth it! they have a new fall collection out & i definitely want to try the banana nut bread. i will definitely be trying lots of different kinds once i start at H&M as it's just down the hall, wahoo :)

alright, before i go...mikey & i have been discussing this little fellow as i had this photo as the background on my laptop:

cute, creepy or so ugly it's cute?