September 16, 2010

i just stumbled upon one of the greatest etsy shops i've ever come across; pianosaurus and of course i had to share it with you guys!! there are some serious gems in this shop. i literally wanted eeeverything, all 176 items! here are some of my favourite favourites:
this is the prettiest mug i have seen in a long time!

look at this amazing pink fan!!

this purse is so unique & adorable.

i love the colour of these mugs & the stacking part...cute!

i love straw clutches. i own a couple but this one's adorable eh?

um, amazing! so friggin' amazing!
i've been really drawn to sequins lately (you should see the deal i got on the dress for my hallowe'en costume! i can't wait to share it with you guys...but i'm waiting til hallowe'en)...this dress is only $18 & i really think i need it. okay i don't need it but i would really like it...a lot. i need to hold back on this one. if it's still there when i get my first paycheque, then it was meant to be. i almost didn't want to share it with you guys in fear of someone snatching it up...i'm selfish.

this mug reminded me of becky of course.
i own a florida mug as well, it was my grandpas!

i know this top is kind of summery but the colours in that lovely floral could definitely be continued into fall, throw a brown cardi on and you're set!

i know i have some similar to this bag but this one would fit all of my school books for mondays which are my busiest school days & i need to bring like 8 textbooks with me.
she also has a blog, so check that out too!