September 12, 2010

just like every other person in the world (or in the blog world at least) i love fall oh so very much! here are some of my photos & reasons why i love this season:
fall sunsets always seem to have the prettiest colours

cuddling is better when it's cold outside

crisp fall walks

boots; my favourite type of footwear

toques (& tattoos, though that's not seasonal)

my fall tattoo...
this is when it was freshly done
(teddy wants to touch it up for me soon, get that colour back as bright as it was in this photo...which was taken two years ago)
drinking tea...
again, not seasonal but it always tastes better when you're drinking it to keep warm

knitted things. scarves, cowls, mittens, them all!
more reasons why i love fall: layering, hoodies&sweaters, soup, slippers, being cold (i love being cold!) thanksgiving, comfort foods, the way the air makes you feel refreshed, hallowe'en, etc etc. also i love love love the name autumn, i wish it were my own.
is fall your favourite season too,
what is your favourite thing about fall?