September 13, 2010

( monday )

today in math we learned addition & subtraction...yup, first year college & we're back to 1+1=2. i got that image above from google but that's actually what our homework looks like. i would like to point out the heading at the top in which it says first grade sample worksheet. jesus, to think i am paying hundreds of dollars for someone to 'teach' me how to add & subtract...a teeny bit frustrating.

in other news, my first day at H&M is a week tomorrow. i have 4 shifts next week (tues&fri after classes & then sat&sun training at the oshawa center) i'm super excited as the fall collection looks perfect! i'm fully prepared for my paycheques to go right back into the store...i have osap to pay for my rent&groceries :)

time to (finally!) get some laundry done & some groceries...