September 7, 2010

( photo dump )

so today was my first day of school...or rather, orientation (which was like 1/2 an hour) and then i went to the book store and purchased all of my books (& maxed out my visa, ugh!) and then went to check out the school as the room #s make no sense & i didn't want to be late for my 8am class tomorrow morning so i wanted to make sure i knew where i was going...
i'd be afraid of a 24 year old college student with hello kitty school supplies, wouldn't you? hehe, thanks for these jujubes!

ever wonder what $1000 worth of textbooks looks like?
well, now you know! unreal...what a rip off!

these photos are all from toronto/fakeblood:

haha. those are oranges in my top, lol!

bree & jarvs new apartment

i love this painting!

richy & brian

olivia, me & meghan

i love these balloons & lights photos!

on stage with fakeblood. unreal dance party! obviously so much fun!!
& these are from megs cottage in muskoka:

these next photos are from an abandoned cottage beside megs that we broke into. it was so creepy in there. it was like they just fled...everything was still in place; the beds were unmade, a puzzle was on the kitchen table that had just been completed, there was one small family photo on a shelf and still some (incredibly mouldy) food in the fridge. the plan was to go back at night once we'd drank all our beers but luckily we never went back cause it was creeepy!
they had a sweet 70s kitchen & living room.

i loved this sink & wallpaper!

we played dice at night & drank lots of beer

mikey got his fix of golden retrievers this weekend, he looooves them! & is constantly bugging me so we can get one (which won't be for awhile)