October 21, 2010

( daily outfit x2...& a kitten )

daily outfit from tuesday:
tube top - H&M
shorts -H&M
blazer (my first ever!) - H&M
tights - rickies
cowboy boots -thrifted, kensington market
grey nailpolish - sally hansen
ring - handed down from my mum

i was told i looked professional in this outfit from a friend at work, it was obviously just the blazer. they give you a sense of power almost, hehe...maybe that's where they get the word power suit from?

daily outfit from wednesday:
top - H&M
leggings - stitches
knee high socks - H&M
boots - steve madden
scarf - army surplus store
knitted headband - yarntwisted on etsy

this outfit was super comfy but i still felt cute wearing it!
& last but not least, kitten photos...
this kitten is pretty much my dream kitty. that soft peachy colour...adorable! he belongs to a roomate of teddys. i didn't want to leave him.

two more days of school & then it's the weekend (which i have off from work) & also reading week :) wahoo! i'm excited to sleep in and get some things done that i haven't had time to do thus far (aka: laundry) and hopefully i can work my schedule so that i have some time at home as well!