October 17, 2010

four days since my last post; i'm a bad blogger...
i've been crazy busy working my butt off. it's been fun and exciting and new and challenging and exhausting and amazing and everyone i work with is so so so awesome! the opening of the store was on thursday and it went SO well! there was people lined up, wrapped around the whole store waiting to get in at noon! it was so neat to see that people were so excited to see the store that we spent so much time setting up :) what a good feeling!! so i've been working everyday since then. i have school all week (& 3 shifts) and then i have the weekend off and the following week is my reading week; wahoo!

today after work bry, jess, mikey & i went for a nice lunch and then to a few antique places just outside of town. my goodness i could spend so much money there...i didn't though because i'm being good about that, plus i'd much rather spend my extra cash at h&m, hehe. speaking of, i've bought a few items since starting & i'm sure they'll be incorporated into outfit posts soon. i know i said i was going to do more and i promise i will :)

& so this isn't a text only post

& because i thought it was so adorable:

i thought i would share the prettiest free dwnld/print over at;
i hope everyone has a lovely week!