October 13, 2010

oh hi!
my outfit today consisted of:
scarf - thrifted
tee - winners
shorts - thrifted
denim jacket - thrifted
tights - joe fresh
(they are army green but you can't tell in these photos)
boots - steve madden

this was a rainbow from last week...we only caught the end of it and of course this photo doesn't do it justice but it was so pretty!
& here are some photos from when we went hiking/caving on saturday at warsaw:

a little garter snake

i was a little disappointed that there was not more oranges and reds, it being fall and all however we realized that most of the trees were spruce, which is why

kettles, these were everywhere. it's so neat that most of warsaw trails used to be a river at one point back in the day

& just for good measure...
don't you just want to touch her tummy?
well don't, cause she hates it. haha.
i went grocery shopping today...finally!! i feel like i've just been eating so crappy these last few weeks, being busy and not having groceries = eating crappy, for me anyway. so i was sure to buy some good things like apples and veggies so my body won't hate me anymore...and i'm trying to drink a lot more water too!

mmm, i betcha $100 this makes you thirsty for some lemon water...
tonight about 1o of us are going bowling which will be nice as i haven't had a ton of 'friend time' lately so i'm looking forward to that :) tomorrow is the grand opening of H&M and i am so stoked about it!! it's going to be a super busy day (working 1o hours) but it's also going to be a lot of fun!