October 12, 2010

hello hello,

i apologize for being m.i.a lately & will still be m.i.a for at least the next week or so. i just have not had a spare minute to blog or to even think about something to blog about. this weekend was crazy, a good crazy though. we went from zero to awesome with the store set up, it was so much fun & so rewarding walking into an empty store friday morning & leaving sunday night and the store is all/mostly set up; very cool experience. i am working lots this next week as we open on thursday so don't count on me being around the blogging world much. i'm learning to balance school & work properly though, still getting everything done for school and enjoying my time at work. i actually really love being crazy busy like this.

aside from working 25 hrs this weekend,
i did get time to enjoy myself a little bit &

* have some beers with friends

* went for a hike at warsaw caves

* enjoy the gorgeous weather

* had an absolutely delicious thanksgiving dinner

however i did not have time to:

* get groceries

* clean the apartment

* do my laundry
...all of which desperately need to be done!
sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day.