November 26, 2010

( dream dresses )

okay so this is probably the only dress in this list that is actually appropriate for my wardrobe/current lifestyle. it's a betsey johnson & what girl doesn't want to own a betsey johnson dress?

if ever i had plans to marry in vegas, you better believe i'd be ALL over this dress!

dear future brides maids...just so you know, you may end up wearing something along the lines of this cutie dress...but with less frills because obviously i have to be the frilliest.

okay so i know vanna white is the only one who can pull off a dress like this's only $50...and who knows, maybe one day i'll crash wheel of fortune! (it has the prettiest low back...and just LOOK at all of those sequins!)

oooooh. this one is amazing!!
i don't know a single girl who wouldn't feel pretty in this.
the detailing on this dress is so gorgeous. i love the sheer neck as well

oh dear, i don't know what it is about these style of dresses. the pastel colours, the tulle, the fact i will never have an excuse to wear them...i'm in love.

i love the colour & classic'ness of this little number

lovely lavender. isn't it adorable?
yes perhaps a tad ridiculous as well, i'm aware.