November 26, 2010

( winter warmth )

so yesterday at the show, B was trying on some fur vests/jackets and for fun i tried one on too. it was absolutely gorgeous & i know that killing animals for fashion is wrong but when it's vintage/recycled fur, that makes it a teeny bit better right? real fur is just so incredibly soft. i couldn't stop touching it.
anyway, it got me wanting one...bad.
here are some etsy faves:
soooo pretty! this one comes first as it is my favourite one :)

i think this one is so darling.
i love love love this one, with the collar flipped up!

some may look at this one & think it resembles a dead animal & your grandmothers couch annnnd it does, but i think it's super cute as well!

i love the mix of leather & fur on this one

i love the pattern & fur around the wrists on this one

check out this awesome giveaway by yours truly dear over at her blog
it's for a $65 gift card to csn which has a bazillion amazing things that i want!