November 26, 2010

( one of a kind show - toronto )

some of my girlfriends & i took a day trip into toronto yesterday for the one of a kind show & ohmygosh, i was in heaven. i could have spent daaays there...and thousands upon thousands of dollars. it was just filled with pretty & cute things! here are some of my favourite booths.

sonia ahlers makes THE cutest felt bunnies and here's the proof:

it's hard to tell as they look so teeny in the photo but there are tiny little rabbits in teacups...TEACUPS! i just about started crying when i saw these. i think they are one of the cutest things i've ever, ever seen. unfortunately i was trying my best not to buy things for myself & therefore refrained from making the purchase...but ooooh, they are SO cuuute.

this ladies illustrations & artwork was absolutely gorgeous, she has a website & a blog you can check out as well!

these guys were some of our favourites! they were made by a man at felt factory

(katie got this one, the unicorn...we were all super jealous as he was our favourite)
overall it was a great day, a long day of shopping but so much fun!