November 30, 2010

( a few things )

there is still time to put in a custom order for a headband...
i have a ton of pretty colours of yarn availible :)
i just mailed out a bunch of orders today!!
this one though, is still availible ($20)
my headbands were featured on tea talk

today i got my print from sunny champagne that i won on janels blog: run with scissors, isn't it such a cute print? we've needed more art in our place & i love this!! janel has had a bunch of giveaways going on all month because she's a big ol' sweetheart. go check them out & enter to win cute stuff!

currently enjoying a PBR before i get some homework done, finish up some more headband orders & paint my nails. i can't believe first semester is over in 8 dayyyyyys :) time flies when you're go to school, lol