December 2, 2010

( flavours holiday catalogue )

alright, it's time for me to gush a little bit.
it's not my fault that my boyfriend is extremely handsome & my closest friends here are absolutely stunning...check it out for yourself. this is flavours (first ever) holiday catalogue:

of course this photo got cover. jess looks absolutely gorgeous!

(click photos to enlarge)

mikey (my bf) & jess.

mikey, aaron & kirk. i love this photo. they all look like total grown ups!

this gal, katie, is absolutely beautiful.

kirk. these photos were taken at the marina mikeys mum lives at.

aaron & mikey up top & miss b at the bottom (love her hat!)

elsa, mikey, lianne & aaron (top)
lianne & aaron (bottom)

jess & aaron (top)
elsa (bottom)


elsa. this photo is amazing!!
mikey, b, kirk & jess

jess & mikey...this is one of my faves.
all of the white space is because it is white in the background just also happens to be white. anyways, the catalogue is amazing!! bry & eric did a wonderful job of the photos. the styling, hair & makeup was great and the catalogue turned out wonderful!