December 2, 2010

( fur collar)

remember a few posts back i mentioned how i was obsessed with fur as of late? wellllll guess what i found at value village for $7.99? this amazing fur collar...and it has the best way to attach it to anything & everything, pins with the butterfly clip backings (i think that's what it's called) so you can attach it to anything. i am so in love!! i wish i could wear it everyday buuuut i think it's more of an evening thing, right? or maybe if i'm feeling particularly sassy one day.
also i bought some pretty red lipstick today,
tis the season!!
all i've wanted to do lately is dress up, wear diamonds/rhinestones & feel like a million buckeroos. luckily i have a christmas party every saturday for the next three ♥ i love christmas time.