December 6, 2010

( outfit post: saturday )

outfit details:
sweater - H&M
skirt - H&M
knee highs & wedges - spring
here is a close up of my shoesies. aren't they cute? & on sale for only $30! i needed a black dressier shoe (yes, this constitutes as 'dressy' to me) anyway, i wore this outfit on saturday night to mikeys work christmas party which was so much fun! we drank & danced the night away it is always a fantastic time with that crew (some of my nearest & dearest!) i will post more photos when bry posts his as they are with his camera, which is 100x better than mine.

sunday we went to mikeys mums place and had our christmas dinner there as she is going to australia this year to see one of mikeys sisters who just had her third baby (little frankie!) dinner was delicious & we got some lovely presents. i will post some photos of those at another time as well...mikey's happened to be alive at one point. yuck, i know.

anyway, the next week and a bit will be busy as i'm finishing up first semester. i am SO looking forward to it being all done and overwith for 3 weeks, hurray! i'm sure it will fly by...but i will try and enjoy every minute of it.

ps: this saturday is my two year blogiversary :)