November 10, 2010

( guess what today is? )

today's the day my parents get possession of their new "cottage"...i say "cottage" because it's hardy a cottage. second home, lake house, retirement has a lot of different names at the moment. it's absolutely gorgeous & once my mum retires in another year & a 1/2 this is where they will retire to. anyway, it's ours!! er, theirs :) so not only is it on the lake, has a ton of property, a HUGE deck (with a hot tub built into it), 4 bedrooms, a gorgeous kitchen, a walk-out basement, etc etc...the BEST part is that it's only a 1/2 hour away from where i am currently living ♥ i cannot wait to spend time up here!

i have visions of it being lightly snowing, relaxing in the hot tub with a glass of wine in hand, with my mum, dad, kyle, carrie & mikey...the hot tub holds 8 people so there's room for 2 more! & then in the summertime, swimming in the lake & going for boat rides & relaxing in the hammock (i'm dead set on there being a hammock) & ooooh boy oh boy, we're all so very excited!!