November 10, 2010

(this weeks etsy faves )

i love the floral pattern on this
i would keep it inside the house though...
yes i want this cropped denim vest,
no i'm not kidding
i wouldn't wear it with a bra top though!
there's something so darling about this hat,
i'd probably never wear it on my head but it's so pretty!
this beautiful 1960's straw cloche hat
i can't get over how cute these are!
size 5.5...really? who has feet that small...

this dreamy pair of vintage shearling winter boots,
too bad they are .5 too small :(
these slightly morbid bird skull cabinet hardware/knobs
i think they're pretty neat
& i have a weird fascination with birds. anyone picked up on that?
this gorgeous diamond ring from the 1930s...
c'mon, it's only $4,633.20
i'm worth it right?.....riiiight?