November 11, 2010

hi! hi!
as promised, here are some (bad bb photos) of the new set up of our loft
i went for a bad theme today...bad webcam photo, bad bb photos...
moving the futon over there & the dressers against the wall was the best idea we opens it up so much. lots more floor space now which will be more accomodating when we have guests over!

now off to school for communications class & a math test.
know what i did so that i don't have to go into school until 4pm on thursdays? i spent an entire half a day doing the labs & assignments for my word pro class & now i'm done the whole semester (a month & a half early) i guess that makes me a keener, but it's nice going in at 4pm instead of noon on thursdays.
tonight i am meeting up with mygirlthursday for tea & to meet her adorable daughter georgia!